BIRGER Dangler 3 in 1 pouch

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PLEASE NOTE: The carabiner does not come included with the product.

Raptor Tactical BIRGER Dangler 3 in 1 pouch

"BIRGER - in the Norse language means the Keeper"

 This item is a 3 in 1 pouch that can be worn as a dangler affixed to your gear via HOOK, worn as a fanny pack with our attached waist strap, or slide onto any belt. This item has 2 rear chem-light holders, a rear molle channel, and a discreet rear pocket for sensitive items.

This pouch also sports elastic loops on the underside for tourniquets, epi-pens,  or other similarly sized items for easy access.

The Center Compartment is the largest compartment with an interior divider made of netting material to allow separate storage of items, and a panel of LOOP to affix blood type patches, call signs, or to avoid the scratching of equipment. This compartment is large enough to hold an M1911A1 MS Tactical Handgun and close easily.

The front-most compartment is similarly designed to the center and fits 3 Double stacked 9mm magazines. 

And finally, The exterior panel of this pouch is affixed with our favorite honeycomb cut loop, perfect to rock any number of patches, and two retainment loops made of laminated Cordura for any number of uses. 

The dimensions for this pack are:

9" long, 5" tall, and 2.5" wide, empty. 

Package includes: BIRGER Dangler 3 in 1 pouch and 1" strap (rest of accessories showed on the pictures are for presentational purpose only)


Quality Gear

Good drop pouch. Ditch the current zipper pulls for something low profile and it would be a great one.

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BIRGER Dangler 3 in 1 pouch

BIRGER Dangler 3 in 1 pouch

Raptor Tactical BIRGER Dangler 3 in 1 pouch

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