Raptor Medium Utility NVG Insert

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The Raptor Tactical NVG Insert is a compact and customizable Night Vision Goggle insert that fits conveniently within our Medium Utility Pouch. Equipped with four inner compartments to fit batteries along with hook and pile to ensure the NVGs stay in their place while stored. The outer shell a clear protective compartment where a serial numbers and name can be displayed for rapid identification. Available in a variety of tactical colors.

Weight 3.65 oz
Warranty Lifetime
Dimensions 5.5" x 2.75" x 5.1" ( 13.97 x 6.985 x 12.954 cm)


Useful and Good Quality

I purchased Medium and Large pouches and I wanted some padding to protect my NVG or whatever other fragile items I put into the pouch. This pouch insert fits well inside the medium pouch and provides good protection for its contents. I discovered that if I do not connect the velcro, this padding fits the Large pouch fairly well for the same purpose. If Raptor made the velcro side panels just a bit longer, swapped the hook and loop sections, and made the floor piece connecting front and back sides a little longer, this medium insert would fit perfectly inside the Large pouch and it still could be used in the medium pouch.

I'll probably get another one of these at some point.

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Raptor Medium Utility NVG Insert

Raptor Medium Utility NVG Insert

Raptor Medium Utility NVG Insert

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