Raptor GHOST MK1 Plate Carrier

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Our Ghost Plate Carrier is the perfect choice for low-viz operations. Provides minimalist look to carry ballistic plates and chest rig. It is available in two different configurations. Mark II has both MOLLE and Velcro® for more customization options. Mark I only has Velcro® for a smoother look.  It’s slim profile and minimal design allows for low profile protection while in civilian attire or uniforms. By trimming it down to the best of the basics, it provides all the essential features without the bulk. It's compatible with all leading Chest rig manufacturing companies. In standard configuration it comes with elastic cummerbund with built-in pouches. 

Product Features:

  • Light weight
  • Modular minimalist design for easy in-the-field load re-configuration
  • The large number of accessories
  • Sizes – M, L, XL (size is related to front and back hard ballistic insert sizes)

Plate Carrier sizing guide:

Our plate carrier sizes are compatible with the equivalent size SAPI/ESAPI plates. If you have size medium plates, order a medium plate carrier, etc. Our adjustable cummerbund allows for customization of sizing with regards to fit, however you MUST order a plate carrier size that corresponds with your ballistic plate size.

Standard Kit Included:

  • Minimalist Low visibility Light Plate Carrier
  • Elastic cummerbund with pouches 

    Cummerbund size: MEDIUM: 32-35.5"   LARGE: 35.5-38.5"  EXTRA LARGE:  39-42"

    Shoulder Pads are optional and NOT included!

Weight 29.90~27.45 oz
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions Cummerbund size: MEDIUM: 32-35.5" LARGE: 35.5-38.5" EXTRA LARGE: 39-42"


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Raptor GHOST MK1 Plate Carrier

Raptor GHOST MK1 Plate Carrier

Raptor Tactical GHOST MK1 Plate Carrier

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