Raptor Ragnar Plate Carrier

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The Ragnar Plate Carrier is our premier line of carriers. From top to bottom, every detail has been designed to bring you ultimate comfort, capacity and durability. It features magnetic clips (which can hold 400 lbs. each) in the shoulders and a choice of magnetic clips or FirstSpear Tubes™ in the cumerbund to provide the strongest and most secure fastening. Radio antenna sleeves are integrated into the armor for optimized cable routing. Specially design foam inserts provide maximum comfort and air flow. Build in Casualty Recovery Handle is design to be rapidly engaged by pulling it out, special unique design alloud to drag the casualty in almost standing possition without overstressing the plate carrier structure. Our SSE Bag is designed to ingregrate seamlessly with our high echelon plate carriers that we offer. It fits compactly in the same compartment with the armor plate, freeing up space on the carrier for other essential equipment. The drawstring will secure sensitive items and is strong enough to hold cell phones and other electronics. The Ragnar comes with zipper back panel attachments. Patent Pending

Product Features:

  • Magnets or Tubes
  • Casualty Recovery Handle
  • SSE Bag
  • Front and back Chemlight Indicator pouch
  • Admin pouch
  • Two antenna relocation pouches
  • Internal ventilation panels
  • Extended cummerbands
  • Multiple cablerouting points
  • Front flapless design
  • Back panel zipper attachments
  • sizes – M, L, XL (size is related to front and back hard ballistics insert size)

Plate Carrier sizing guide:

Our plate carrier sizes are compatible with the equivalent size SAPI/ESAPI plates. If you have size small plates, order a small plate carrier, etc. Our adjustable cummerbund allows for customization of sizing with regards to fit, however you MUST order a plate carrier size that corresponds with your ballistic plate size.

Standard Kit Included:

  • Plate Carrier - front and back
  • Hybrid cummerbund
  • Shoulder Pads

    Cummerbund size: MEDIUM: 32-35.5"   LARGE: 35.5-38.5"  EXTRA LARGE:  39-42"

Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions Cummerbund size: MEDIUM: 32-35.5" LARGE: 35.5-38.5" EXTRA LARGE: 39-42"


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Raptor Ragnar Plate Carrier

Raptor Ragnar Plate Carrier

Raptor Tactical RAGNAR Advanced Plate Carrier


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