Raptor Tactical Retainer Belt

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We’ve engineered our own belt based upon our military experiences that meet our requirements as an everyday belt. This belt will save you time and money. When you want to take it of its simple, it doesn’t require of moving it through the loops like regular belt it's quick like THAT!

It’s build of an inner and outer belt with a build in retention system that allowed the user to carry multiple items in multiple ways in multiple combinations, without using any additional holsters or pouches.

Our patented retainer system belt is really cool because it solves those problems and there's no need for buying additional holsters; it fits every kind of pistol size on the market.

If you are left or right handed, no problem you can put any pistol you want almost 360` and there's no need for additional pouches. Special retention loops can be moved around your belt creating special pockets for the items like spare magazines or a flashlight.

You can distinguish yourself from the others, we put a Velcro at the back so you can put your Velcro patch on it. Inside a belt, we put a secret compartment with a zipper so you can stash your small items in it like a spare key or money for later use. The military webbing has a tensile strength of 3,000 pounds. The Buckle that comes with our system is a Cobra buckle, one of the safest and strongest loads bearing quick release buckle on the market and its rated at four thousand pounds.

All of our products are made by combat veterans and laser cut for the highest quality of finished product and are made right here in the USA.

Patent NO. US 9,581,414B1

SIZE: Please take the time while choosing your belt size, the easiest way to find your size is with your pants on and measure around the loops where normally you wear your belt. Never pick your size base on your pants size. Please see video at the bottom.

Outer belt: 1.75" wide

Inner belt: 1.5" wide

SMALL: 30.5" - 34"

MEDIUM: 33" - 36.5"

LARGE: 37" - 40"

EXTRA LARGE: 39" - 43"


Weight 1.76 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions SMALL: 28-32" MEDIUM: 32-36" LARGE: 36-40" EXTRA LARGE: 40-44"


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Raptor Tactical Retainer Belt

Raptor Tactical Retainer Belt


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