2Q Canteen Pouch

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The 2Q CANTEEN POUCH is our missing puzzle for our rucksack line. Mainly designed to replace the old green Alice canteen pouch and offer a variety of colors for different environments or backpacks on the market. However, the pouch can be used to store machinegun belt ammunition in a sensible, accessible, and modular fashion. 

US Army 11Bs or Marine0331s are not issued pouches to carry linked 7.62x51mm for the M240 and have relied on Sustained Pouches or Dump pouches to carry them. This type of pouch is not designed for heavy loads. Therefore, based on our experience and needs, we designed the 2Q CANTEEN POUCH to be a simple solution sized to accept a variety of items: SAW Nutsack, SAW 200rnd Plastic Drums. 7.62 100rnd Boxes, loosely linked 556/762/Belts, 40mm Grenades, Magpul D60 Drums, 7 STANAG MAGS, 2-Quart Canteens, and much more. The 2Q CANTEEN POUCH can also double as a great general-purpose pouch, especially as a buttock on a load-bearing belt.

Product Features:

  • Durable Cordura 500 Laminatematerial
  • Compact modular design
  • Ambidexctories designed
  • Molle Compatible
  • Available in all 9 color options
Warranty Lifetime Warranty


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2Q Canteen Pouch

2Q Canteen Pouch


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