Raptor Individual First Aid Kit IFAK

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Raptor Detachable Medical Pouch IFAK was designed to carry your First aid gear. The main chamber with internal pockets and elastic bands allow a multitude of equipment arrangement. Construction of the "Clam Shell" allows the pouch to fully open and allow easy access to its contents. On the front, there is a rip away flap that covers the glove compartment. This first aid kit pouch can be fastened to a vest, rucksack, or belt using the Velcro panel with two MOLLE straps. In addition, you can choose a base mount of the pouch, either horizontal or vertical, each solution has a special slot on the back for carrying trauma shears scissors. The entire pouch is secured with a strap ended FastTech buckle. When the kit is needed simply un-clip the buckle and pull on the handle of the pouch to detach from Velcro panel. With this solution, no space is wasted in front of your armor.

Product Features:

  • Made of durable 500D Cordura
  • Rip away hook back with loop panel secure with quick release buckle
  • Clam Shell design
  • One chamber with inner pockets and elastic loops for storage
  • Hope and Pile ID panel
  • Additional 2" webbing, with pull-tab for quick/temporary closing
  • Two MOLLE straps



Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions 4 x 7.5 x 3.5 inch (H x W x D)


Weak areas

On fitting the ‘vertical’ pouch a pull toggle cord snapped from the zip and the cordura ‘male’ end of the fastener has been burnt to close off the material but has not been sewn down this will eventually cause the material to fray.

I also ordered a horizontal pouch which doesn’t have the above problems, however I will be replacing the toggles with paracord as I don’t want it to potentially break when the contents are required.

I would rtn the vertical item for exchange but I am in the UK and deploy in a couple of days.

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Raptor Individual First Aid Kit IFAK

Raptor Individual First Aid Kit IFAK

Raptor Individual First Aid Kit IFAK

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