Raptor Tactical ODIN belt Mark III

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The Odin Mark III is the highest Tier of our Odin Beltline. It's a two-part battle belt system a padded and comfortable velcro inner belt, and an outer belt that with either large or small COBRA® buckle. The design allows the shooter to maximize the real estate on his molle belt while the inner belt holds your pants up/ retains the outer belt with velcro. The molle loops have been cut all the way around to give the shooter the most customizable belt possible. All our products are made by combat veterans and laser cut for the highest quality of finished product and are made right here in the USA. US PATENT: D850101

2-week production time

SIZE: Please take the time while choosing your belt size, the easiest way to find your size is with your pants on and measure around the loops where normally you wear your belt. Never pick your size base on your pants size. Please see video at the bottom. 3 gun thickness will alter the belt length by 3 to 4 inches, so adjust accordingly. 



BUCKLE: Please be aware Cobra mini 25 load bearing is not Cobra D-ring 25. Cobra mini 25 load bearing is still cobra mini 25 with different way of attachment, that will carry heavy load.

Outer belt: 1 3/4" wide

Inner belt: 1 1/2" wide

SMALL: 30.5" - 34"
33" - 36.5"
37" - 40"
39" - 43"


Weight 1.75 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions SMALL: 28-32" MEDIUM: 32-36" LARGE: 36-40" EXTRA LARGE: 40-44"


Perfect Belt

Gotta love a belt that is extremely versatile, when I got it I didn't really read it's functionality I just knew I needed a gun belt so I got it. Well upon realizing how ingenious the 2 part system is I was even more impressed! Being able to rock all my gear on the outer layer, then stripping it off real quick to go do a range walk or listen to an OPORD, really is awesome, all while keeping the base layer in your belt loops just to be able to throw it back on to get ready for what's next. Absolutely love this system and couldn't recommend it more.

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Great Belt

This is a Great belt and a great company. I had a short timeline for getting a belt for a shooting course and Raptor Tactical had my belt ready in 3 days, even letting me send my own Cobra Buckle in order to make my timeline.

As for the Belt, I got the 3-Gun stiffness and couldn't be happier. I needed a stiff belt that supported Teklok and Molle as well as A UBL. I also wanted a belt comfortable enough for wearing for full days of training. The Odin Mark III with 3-Gun stiffness delivered in spades and I put it through World Class Pistol with Rob Vogel the weekend after receiving it. 17 hours over 2 days and I am extremely pleased with how comfortable and reliable the belt is.

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I'm amazed

I purchased the Odin Mark 3 3 gun extra large tactical belt and realize that I was going to need a larger size. I called Raptor Tactical and talk to Cate on the phone and explain to her my issue. She got back with me later that day they were more than happy to accommodate. It's awesome to find a company that's willing to bend over backwards to make a product that isn't on the shelf for somebody who just wants the highest quality gear. They did not disappoint it was shipped out the next business day received two days later I'm absolutely floored with the quality of this belt. If you want a extremely robust rugged Molly belt don't even think twice I will definitely be purchasing gear from raptor tactical again.


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Great belt + Great price

Love this belt. I wanted something streamline that didn't need keepers and hugged close to the body. After wearing a bulky duty belt over pants belt for 3 yrs I really appreciate this setup.

Can be a little hard/tricky to mount certain things, but once they're on they're on. I only wish the regular belt was a little stiffer. The regular belt isn't all that stiff but since it rides so close it still does its job well.

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Not an EDC Belt

When I bought this belt I was looking for an EDC belt. This is not it. It's not the belt's fault, it's mine, I didn't research enough. With that being said it's built great and has great features, just not exactly what I need. I'll use it the best i can.

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For the economical customer who desires the greater quality

This system is pretty awesome over all it offers 360 degrees of attachment and is built like a damn rhino I've been trying to tear this thing up but to my avail it's pretty tough

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I give the belt and the customer service 5 stars. I was a little sceptical about ordering because I have never heard of Raptor Tactical. After viewing the Odin markiii belt for about 2 weeks I finally decided it was time to pull the trigger. Once I placed the order I immediately got an email saying the belt was out of stock. That made me very nervous. I then sent them an email explaining the concern with my order. Within 20 min I got a response to my email explaining that that was a glitch with the system and reassurance that my order will be taken care of. I was given a lead time of about 2 weeks. Within 10 days my order had made it in perfect condition. Once opening the box everything was exactly as I had hoped it would be. As far as I can tell this is a great company with tough rugged gear. I will definitely be back for more. Good job guys!

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Perfect belt for the Infantryman

The belt is very high quality and light weight. The molle retains everything very snug and doesn't move while running. This helped me get rid of the bulk and extra weight. Great product and great customer service.

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Background: Infantry Airbrone Unit

I bought this belt not long ago as my first battle belt and tested through a long rotation of JRTC as well as six different live fires now. I’m more than satisfied with this product and how light weight and mobile it is. The best part is the Velcro Portion so that the belt doesn’t slide around while wearing it. I will update this review as I continue to use this belt.

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Exactly what I was looking for

Great belt, the quality is top notch. I've been using a battle belt for along time but got sick of it moving around so much. So this belt fits my needs perfectly. Plus its so much smaller and lighter than a full sized battle belt. I mounted some pistol tacos and a double molle M4 pouch and it works great. The tacos are a little loose when you attach them but once the belt is on they stay still against your body. The customer service at Raptor is top notch as well, I ordered the wrong size and I sent it back and they fixed it and sent me a new belt within a week. Great product, great company!

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Raptor Tactical ODIN belt Mark III

Raptor Tactical ODIN belt Mark III


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