Raptor GHOST MK2 Plate Carrier

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Our Ghost Plate Carrier is the perfect choice for low-viz operations. Provides minimalist look for carrying ballistic plates attaching MOLLE compatible equipment and chest rig. It is available in two different configurations. Mark II has both MOLLE and hook and pile for more customization options. The slim profile and minimal design allows for low profile protection while wearing civilian attire or uniforms. By trimming it down to the best of the basics, it provides all the essential features without the bulk. It is compatible with all leading Chest rig manufacturing companies. 

Cummerbunds sold separately: Please chose your options from the accessories page

Product Features:

  • Lightweight
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Modular minimalist design for easy in-the-field load re-configuration
  • A Number of Accessories
  • Sizes – M, L, XL (size is related to front and back hard ballistic insert sizes)


Plate Carrier sizing guide:

Our plate carrier sizes are compatible with the equivalent size SAPI/ESAPI plates. If you have size medium plates, order a medium plate carrier, etc. Our adjustable cummerbund allows for customization of sizing with regards to fit, however, you MUST order a plate carrier size that corresponds with your ballistic plate size.

Standard Kit Included:

  • Minimalist Low visibility Light Plate Carrier
  • Cummerbunds sold separately: Cummerbund size: MEDIUM: 32-35.5"   LARGE: 35.5-38.5” EXTRA LARGE:  39-42" - Available on Accessories page
  • Shoulder Pads are optional and NOT included!

  • Chest clips are NOT included


Weight 29.90~27.45 oz
Warranty Lifetime Warranty


Very Well Made

Bought this to be a dual purpose carrier for two different roles I have. The ability to use different planels and the minimalist approach to this is what drew me. I have owned two other carriers of a cheap brand and this would be my first professional quality carrier and it shows. The material and stitching appears strong. The carrier its self is comfortable, with the elastic cummerbund making the plates feel like they are 'stuck' to your chest and back, which distributes the weight and limits friction to almost nothing. This will be a good carrier for running in (also because I can strip the ammo panel and run slick). Was surprised at how comfortable it was without any built in padding, however I do have thin plate backing pads that add cushion. Motorola radio and AR-10 magazines fit in the elastic cummerbund easily. The elastic cummerbundis surprisingly rigid in a good way, I'm now a huge fan of them. There wouldbe no need for a inner cummerbund like what I usually add to other carriersto make them tighter. Wire management is easy with the top part front part opening up like an upside down pocket.

The only correction I will give is it is sort of hard to figure out what the carrier comes with and what has to be ordered separately, especially if the set up is purchased from an outside source. I had to reference YouTube and redit to figure out what I had to get. (Basically this does not come with the panel clips, shoulder straps unless you order them up there with it, cummerbund, or panel). It's fine you have it this way so you can customize the set up, just was not clear at first glance or second glance. Photos or videos would help us. We need that sort of thing in our line of work.

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Raptor GHOST MK2 Plate Carrier

Raptor GHOST MK2 Plate Carrier

Raptor Tactical GHOST MK2 Plate Carrier


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