Raptor Tactical is a designer and manufacturer of modern tactical equipment for Military, Police and other Law enforcement units. Raptor Tactical was founded by US Army veterans with extensive experience in forwarding combat zones. Our mission is to provide equipment that meets the most stringent requirements of our customers. Exceeding the expectations of our clients regarding quality and innovation through continuous improvement and attention to detail.
Raptor Tactical gear is designed for the real conditions of the battlefield, made of the most durable materials. We carry out this mission by combining innovation, design, and quality of expert craftsmen within the United States by our ideas, collaboration, and customer feedback. We guarantee that our equipment will not fail at a critical moment.


We have knowledge based on the experience of combat actions. We have working knowledge capital; We innovate practical solutions to complex problems. We will always speak straight. We've introduced innovative solutions based on battlefield experience, We've designed and introduced cutting-edge features for our gear, weapon, and uniform modifications.


Raptor Tactical Gear is designed in the United States. We use only 100% made in US materials, manufactured by certified military suppliers from the US. This allows us to supply you, the boots on the ground, the ultimate combination of breakthrough design and the highest quality manufacturing on earth.

For GSA and government contracts:


DUNS NUMBER: 080528139