Raptor Dwarf Chest Rig MKII

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The Raptor Dwarf Chest Rig MK II is designed to be a lightweight modular expansion system for means of carrying rifle magazines and essential kit without adding needless heft.

Low-profile construction is compiled with Cordura for durability without the bulkiness of other systems on the market. Various mounting options are provided via Velcro backing and upper-mounted clips.

Three (2x5) laser cut front MOLLE panels allow for customization of the system to fit the needs of each unique situation. The Dwarf Chest Rig is equipped with a Velcro-secured kangaroo pouch to provide low-visibility storage of items. 

Add-ons available for the Dwarf Chest Rig MK II includeVelcro-backed inserts to enable the kangaroo pouch to hold a second row of rifle magazines, increasing the total carrying ability to six mags. Also available are double zipper inserts to more securely enclose items within the pouch compartment.

  • Instant access to spare ammunition via the three open top magazine pouches
  • Accessories which can be attached via MOLLE to the three panels
  • Full length interior kangaroo pouch for storage
  • Ability to increase magazine storage to six with the Raptor DWARF Magazine insert
  • Ability to secure items with Raptor DWARF Kangaroo Pouch Zipper


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Raptor Dwarf Chest Rig MKII

Raptor Dwarf Chest Rig MKII

Raptor Tactical Dwarf MKII


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