Raptor Two Point REFLEX Sling MK1

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Raptor REFLEX Sling is a modular two-point weapons sling that is the excellent solution for every type of user. Redesigned with a feature that allows the user to carry their rifle high and tight to the chest at the same time without losing the tight cinch, it allows to point the weapon up. That feature is in our Comfort Pad which contains an elastic band in the middle of its length, when you are ready to engage your target it increases the stability of the rifle. MK1 comes equipped with single MOLLE row. Our REFLEX Sling is made with high-quality Cordura 500D textile. Easy mounting and adjustment for allowing immediate lengthen or shorten the sling to convert from carrying to fighting without removing the weapon. Can be used on M249 as well, thanks to the additional accessory such as a wrap strap you can smoothly transfer your two-point sling into the three-point sling.

Available in various colors.

Metal hardware not included.



  • Made with durable Cordura 500D
  • Two-point sling that can be transformed into three point sling at ease
  • The elastic band increases stability and allows you to carry your weapon high and tight
  • Designed to carry either Rifles or SAW M249


Warranty Lifetime Warranty


Last sling I'll need

This sling is awesome, the elastic in it, once you've adjusted the length of the ends to your personal preference is a really nice feature. The cinch is really smooth to let some slack out or to draw it nice and tight it. Hell I even fell off a cliff with it and didn't have to hope my weapon would be there it was just there cause I was wearing a sling... *Cough cough lone surviver*... But this really is a great sling I would definitely recommend it. The comfort pad is actually comfortable, I could see it being a good hunting sling as well, not just a tactical sling. Great works guys

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Raptor Two Point REFLEX Sling MK1

Raptor Two Point REFLEX Sling MK1

Raptor Two Point REFLEX Sling MK1

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