Raptor Modified Individual First Aid Kit MIFAK

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Raptor Modified Individual First Aid Kit MIFAK was designed to carry all First aid gear. A true ambidextrous MIFAK that can be affixed to the armor carrier, vest, rucksack, battle belt with two MOLLE straps. MIFAK can be also slid on a regular belt that is up to 2" wide. With this solution, MIFAK can be mounted on a vest in a more convenient place without wasting space in front which is usually intended for ammunition.

The pack tray compartment with laser cut circle ports and bungees gave endless possibilities for medical equipment arrangement. Construction of "Sleeve" pocket allows the pouch to be pulled from the left or right side for easy access to its contents. In addition, at the back of the pouch is located scissor compartment. The scissors can be worn on both sides base on user preferences and secured with bungee and horizontal toggle.

When the kit is needed simply pull on one of rip strap handle located on the left and right side to activate closing loop, slide the pack tray compartment out of the sleeve pocket. At this time modified ripcord with attached curve pin will slide out of the sleeve, extend your arm and activate the main closing loop. Pack tray compartment will open up giving you full access to the medical gear.  

Product features:

  • Made of durable 500D Cordura and laminate
  • A true ambidextrous unique design with AIRBORNE influences
  • One pack tray compartment with elastic bungees for storage
  • Scissor compartment
  • Loop ID patch
  • Two MOLLE straps
  • Belt loop
  • Dimensions : 4.0" x 7.5" x 3.5" (H x W x D)
  • Color: Multicam, Coyote, Ranger Green, Black


  • 4.0" x 7.5" x 3.5" (H x W x D)
  • 8.4oz

Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions 4 x 7.5 x 3.5 inch (H x W x D)


Damn near perfect

Got mine almost a year ago (from SKT IIRC) and if you spend the time to properly thread the bungee through the holes it can he the best ifak you've ever had. Take your time and lay enrolling out first. Having said that it did take a couple tries to get it right- I've got a couple rolls of standard gauze, some Celox gauze, a CAT, and a 4" Israeli bandage stuffed in it; still need to get a Hyfin and it'll be complete.
The YouTube video was extremely helpful when it came to getting the everything closed up and packed into the sleeve and the only thing that makes me remotely nervous is catching one of the loops on something and having it pull out. I think it's a minimal risk though considering how tightly it fits into the sleeve.
I haven't used it real world (thankfully) or even in a trauma class as they're few and far between but I'm sure it'll perform.
Side note; it suits just about even with the bladder on the back of my PC and so makes sitting in a chair actually more comfortable IMO.

Roomy and High Quality

A very large and high quality MIFAK that fits all the trauma items I wanted to carry. Peripherally related to this item, I wish Raptor made a separate covered tourniquet holder. This pouch could easily carry a tourniquet inside or on top, but I wanted a separate holder for my purposes.

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Almost perfect IFAK

The first thing to note is the design of the MIFAK has changed a bit from the pictures to what I got in May 2020. The Velcro on the front is now a cluster of hexagon shapes instead of the oval that's shown. The insert also changed a bit. Mine was plastic with no patterned nylon on it. Both are not a deal breaker but an updated image to see what I'm getting would be nice.

Construction and design are well thought out and the pouch feels solid. Be sure to check the knot on the pin for the insert, mine was loose out of the box (but I'm guessing they do that on purpose should you want to shorten the length of the cord).

A picture of how they weave the shock cord would be nice as well. Again, not a big deal but would speed up setup of the pouch as well as making it easier to figure out the layout for your pouch.

My complaint with the design is it does not allow you to store an Israeli bandage in the tray (you can stuff one in the pouch behind the tray). All my standard IFAK components fit great, but I was not able to fit my Israeli bandage due to it's length. Packing up the tray and getting it into the pouch can be a bit of a struggle. The fishing line threading talked about in the video was a great trick that really helped.

I found that the MOLLE mount was a bit too floppy on my Mk3 Odin belt, but the belt loops were an excellent mounting option. Pulled the pouch a hair closer and higher to make it inline with the belt.

All in all, I'm happy with the design and layout of the pouch. I would love an option to store my Israeli bandage in the tray, or even a sleeve on the outside of the tray to hold it.

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Raptor Modified Individual First Aid Kit MIFAK

Raptor Modified Individual First Aid Kit MIFAK

  • Raptor Modified Individual First Aid Kit MIFAK

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