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Raptor Ranger Alice Pack is an outstanding tactical backpack designed to carry heavy sustainment load that will outlast in the most demanding environment. Made specifically for the US Army Airborne Units but not only. We build Ranger Alice Pack with influence and input from the best US Army units; our rucksack is filling gaps and needs that for some reason were never answered before until now. We like to present you an ultimate solution for your needs and more. 

Made with high quality 500 Denier and 70 Denier Cordura. The main body with an almost entire length of the pack waterproof zipper in U shape allows free access to the whole contents and can contain up to 4 Ranger Raptor Cube Cells (not provided in the base model). Each end of U shape zipper can be secured with tactical toggles that prevent it from accidental opening during the operations. Inside two roomy mesh pockets that will hold elements of hydration system, pockets can be folded up and secured away, radio or relocator antenna, with an outside exit to pull out cable or tube. Another pocket on the backside to carry necessary items such as CWB battery`s, out layered with the MOLLE panel for mounting desired compatible equipment such as radios or other pouches. Accessorized with eight exterior sides zipped pouches that provide fast and easy grasp and are designed to carry essential items, assured by adjustable straps. Each zipper can be secured by storing tactical toggle through provided loops to prevent it from unwilling opening during the operations.  Reliable and functional thanks to laser-cut MOLLE panels on both sides which allows attachment of additional pockets, pouches or 2 qt canteens. Top part closed up with collar supported with two straps at the bottom and the top portion of the collar. On the top of the collar, we placed a strap to easily fold and close the top access to the main compartment. Inside the top of the main compartment, we installed additional strap to give you guys more compression capabilities.

Finished with the capacious top flap secured with the buckles and adjustable straps, to simplify detachment and ease control length of the strap; has three pockets at the top and one main on the back, that can also be used to transport documents and other flat items; Inside pocket contain sufficiently thin and well-shaped suspenders. Thanks to this, the main flap compartment can be used as a standalone backpack carrying system. Top flap, as well as center-bottom pouch located on the main compartment of the backpack, can carry an M18 Claymore anti-personnel mine. On the bottom side of the main flap is the zipper pocket that can accommodate any hydration bladder. The front part of the flap is equipped with our Patent Pending Chemlight Indicator Pouch CHIP, that allows you to mark your backpack easily, the two cutouts allowed you to slide the Chemlight from both directions, and two rectangular cuts indicate in the form of cat eyes.

The backside of the RANGER Rucksack can accommodate traditional ALICE metal frame, MALICE frame or MOLLE frame to help carry the heavy load (frames are not included). Our unique 3/4" foam filled yoke, is easy to adjust and can accommodate our Plate Carrier Comfort Stabilizer that can be purchased separately. Our Plate Carrier Stabilizer will add comfort for your back as well will stabilize your Ranger Pack while you were your Plate Carrier, how many times your rucksack slides of off it? Probably too many. Now you can use our pad or quickly remove it, its light and comfortable and can be used on the other frames without the need of having our yoke system.

Comfortable, sufficiently thick and well-shaped shoulders to provide exceptional comfort during use. Shoulders secured with chest strap for support and the great fit when the bag is heavily loaded. From my own experience from Afghanistan I know how important is that simple  Chest Strap, many companies use hardware that in the moment of failure can`t be easily replaced in the theater, that's why we put this strap easily removable and if any of the parts will fail they can be replaced without sending the whole your back for the warranty fix which is long process.

Kidney pad helps support your lower back during long-lasting marching. Equipped with an additional adjusting pouch, easy to detach. Kidney pad overlayed with MOLLE panel allowing to fast mounting any compatible MOLLE item. On the back side of the kidney pad, you can install our KALICE pouch that can serve as additional storage for medical supplies or SI (not included in the base model)

At the bottom of the Ranger Alice Pack, you can locate another molle panel for attaching extra pouches. Also, the bottom part allows attaching Raptor Ranger Alice Pack Sleeping Compartment (not provided in the base model), made with waterproof YKK zipper. Unattached can serve as a standalone backpack.

Listed items and Hardware not included:

  • Cobra buckles not available.
  • Sleeping Compartment - available to chose while placing an order. 
  • Kidney Pouch KALICE - available to chose while placing an order. 
  • Plate Carrier Stabilizer - available to chose while placing an order. 
  • Ranger Cube Cell - available to chose while placing an order. 

Base model consists of:

  • Main compartment,
  • Top flap,
  • Kidney pad,
  • Yoke.

Available in: Multicam and Coyote Brown.

Product Features:

  • Made of 500D and 70D Cordura
  • Can carry up to 4 Cube compartments for storing purpose
  • Laser cut MOLLE panels on the inside of the back wall as well as sides of the backpack
  • Adjustable straps on the bag sides
  • Contoured shoulder straps with buckle chest strap
  • ITW MQRB for quick release
  • Pocket with an exit carrying hydration system on the top flap
  • Two hydration carrying pouches inside of the main compartment
  • Five exits for cable or tube from hydration system on each side
  • Dimensions: 
  • Capacity: 
  • Color: Multicam, Coyote Brown

Warranty Lifetime Warranty


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Raptor Ranger Alice Pack

Raptor Ranger Alice Pack

Raptor Ranger Alice Pack

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